Test Package Promo from the Veterinary Genetics Lab at UC Davis

The Veterinary Genetics Laboratory at UC Davis has created a new panel of DNA tests specific for breeders of Appaloosas and other LP-breeds.

This panel includes all four known Splashed White mutations (SW1-4), and three of the most common Dominant White mutations (W5, W10 and W20). These white pattern-causing mutations, particularly the Dominant White ones, may be present in a horse that looks like a fewspot, yet doesn’t have PATN1.

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Long-awaited DNA Test for PATN1 Now Available

Since the discovery of LP, the main gene that controls appaloosa spotting patterns and associated traits, breeders have been anticipating DNA tests for the genes that work with LP to produce white appaloosa patterning.  

We are happy to announce that the white pattern modifier gene with the largest pattern causing effect, termed Pattern-1 for “first pattern gene” or PATN1 for short, can now be DNA tested for.  

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Appaloosa Project’s Dr. Rebecca Bellone Heads to UC Davis

The Appaloosa Project’s chief molecular geneticist, Dr. Rebecca Bellone, has recently relocated to the University of California-Davis.

As many of our members are aware, Dr. Bellone began investigating the genetics of leopard complex spotting as a graduate student in 1997. 

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LP mutation scientific paper published

The Appaloosa Project is happy to announce the publication of our new research paper describing the identification of the LP mutation.

Free public access to the entire scientific article is at this link: Retroviral Insertion in TRPM1 as the Cause of Congenital Stationary Night Blindness and Leopard Complex Spotting in the Horse

We are so happy to be able to report these findings and share this discovery with you. Please take the time to go and read through the paper when you can!

Sheila Archer & Rebecca Bellone, PhD
24 October 2013