Test Package Promo from the Veterinary Genetics Lab at UC Davis

The Veterinary Genetics Laboratory at UC Davis has created a new panel of DNA tests specific for breeders of Appaloosas and other LP-breeds.

This panel includes all four known Splashed White mutations (SW1-4), and three of the most common Dominant White mutations (W5, W10 and W20). These white pattern-causing mutations, particularly the Dominant White ones, may be present in a horse that looks like a fewspot, yet doesn’t have PATN1.

It’s also very helpful to be able to test for Splashed White, whether you are trying to select for, or away from, these mutations.

Also included in the new panel are the “must have” tests: Leopard Complex (LP) Pattern 1 (PATN1) Red Factor (E) Agouti (A)

Make your way here, and look for the “Appaloosa Panel 1” test package

This is what you’ll see listed there:

  • Appaloosa Panel 1 - $60.00 Leopard, Pattern1, Red Factor, Agouti, Splashed White (SW1-4), Dominant White (W5, W10, W20)
  • The VGL will still be offering just the LP and PATN1 tests as a duo package for $40. It is called the Appaloosa Panel 2.
  • Additionally you can always add a single test (like gray for example) to either Appaloosa Panel 1 or 2.
  • Alternatively, for your program you may find the Full Color/Pattern Panel - $160 most useful. This is a combination of the Coat Color Panel and the White Pattern Panel 2, to include almost every test with the exception of classic roan.

Remember, the VGL at UC Davis helps the Appaloosa Project as well as other equine genetics research initiatives. When you shop there, you are supporting us!