Appaloosa Project video seminars

The Appaloosa Project is delighted to present a three-part YouTube video seminar series on stacking the odds of appaloosa color in your favor for spotted horse enthusiasts.

Rebecca Bellone Ph.D. and Sheila Archer recorded this series by Skype and presented it at New Zealand's Equidays extravaganza in conjunction with Sportaloosa International.

Part one

In this part, you'll learn about the 'appaloosa' gene LP, the physical traits that are associated with it, and how it's inherited.

Part two

This part deals with the inheritance of pattern-causing modifier genes that act together with LP to produce appaloosa coat patterns.

Part three

The final part covers the relationship between congenital stationary night blindness (CSNB) and the LP gene, including tips for managing CSNB in affected appaloosa horses.