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How to

Use the electronic classroom

It's easy! Just send an email to classroom@appaloosaproject.info, or reply to any Appaloosa Project email. You can attach photos and other files and include web links.

  • You need to send your email from the email address registered with the Appaloosa Project
  • Your email must be under 2MB in size (so you may need to downsize your photos)

Each email will be sent to all Appaloosa Project subscribers and will be saved in our archives.

Stop receiving emails

You can choose to stop receiving the classroom emails at any time. Just visit your account and unsubscribe. You'll still be able to read the archives and you can resubscribe any time you like.

Change your registered email or password

Access your account and click 'edit profile'. Change the relevant details and click 'submit' to save your changes.

Log in to the site

Use your registered email and password to log in.

Get reminded of your password

Select the 'forgot password' link and your password will be emailed to your registered email address.